By Lucas High — October 30, 2020

LOVELAND — Information and Real Estate Services LLC, a Loveland-based multiple listing service that operates in Northern Colorado and the Boulder Valley, announced this week a new partnership with RealX Ventures Inc., a company that allows land owners to list information about their property rights and what they’re willing to lease.

Specifically, RealX can help brokers facilitate deals such as connecting land owners with energy companies installing a new solar array or a telecommunications firm looking for a site to build a new cell tower.

“When I learned about RealX, I thought it was a brilliant concept and a perfect match for our region in Northern Colorado,” IRES CEO Lauren Hansen said in a prepared statement. “The IRES MLS territory stretches from university towns to the mountains, plains and wide open spaces — and let’s not forget we have an average of 300 days of sunshine annually in Colorado.”

IRES members will be able to access the RealX database directly through the MLS.

“Until now, matching interested landowners to those looking to lease space for energy, communication and other projects was a manual, time-consuming process,” RealX CEO Luke Glass said in a statement. “Our exchange automates the process, allowing brokers to focus on sales and deals rather than on cumbersome research.”